Text Mining with R: Building a Text Classifier

This post will exemplify how to create a text classifier with R, i.e. it will implement a machine-learning algorithm, which classifies texts as being either a speech by Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. The script is based on Timothy DAuria’s YouTube tutorial “How to Build a Text Mining, Machine Learning Document Classification System in R!” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1V2McKbkLo). As it has been suggested that it may be helpful to make the speeches available for download to render this example reproducible, the respective folders with the speeches are accessible here and the code for downloading the speeches is available here.

Download the PDF file .

2 Gedanken zu „Text Mining with R: Building a Text Classifier

  1. Mario

    hello there and thanks for sharing this work. Could you share the location or the files used?
    You mention the downloading from the websites but I couldn’t find something that would repro your work.



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