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Dr Martin Schweinberger


My name is Martin Schweinberger and I am a Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at the University of Queensland (UQ) in Australia as well as a part-time Associate Professor in the AcqVA-Aurora Center at the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø. At UQ, I am co-directing the Language Technology and Data Analysis Laboratory (LADAL) together with Michael Haugh.

In addition, I am currently board member of The International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English (ICAME) and steering committee member of the Australian Text Analytics Platform – an ARCD funded project aimed at establishing a text analytics infrastructure in Australia. I consider myself a language data scientist and quantitative linguist specialized in corpus linguistics and quantitative, computational analyses of text and speech.

Regarding my background, I have a PhD in English linguistics and I studied at the National University of Ireland, Galway, as well as Universität Kassel where I graduated in 2008 with an MA in English Philology, Philosophy, and Psychology. After my MA, I remained in Kassel for a short while but soon moved to Hamburg where I worked on and later received my PhD.


Mechanisms of language variation and change
Determinants of language use and linguistic variability
Discourse markers and particles / adjective intensi cation / L1 and L2 acquisition
Computational modelling and visualization of linguistic data
Computational Humanities (Digital Humanities)
Language Data Science and reproducibility
Best Practices in text analytics and data management


My ORCID is 0000-0003-1923-9153 and you can also find me on ResearchGate, LinkedIn, Github, GitLab, or follow me on Twitter (@ronautic).

Martin Schweinberger


18-21/8/2021: I will give a plenary at ICAME 42! So check out ICAME and come see my plenary 😉 !

18-21/8/2021: Gerold Schneider (UZH), Joe Flanaghan (U Helsinki) and I are offering a workshop on Exploring Powerful Tools to Ensure Robust and Reproducible Results in Corpus Linguistics at ICAME 42!

3/6/2021: As part of the LADAL Opening, Stefan Gries will give a talk about MuPDAR(F) (Multifactorial Prediction and Deviation Analysis using Regressions/Random Forests).

2/6/2021: Joe Flanagan and I offer a workshop on Replication and Reproducibility in English Corpus Linguistics at the 6th meeting of the International Society for the Linguistics of English (ISLE 6).

1/6/2021: FANTASTIC NEWS!!! I have just accepted an appointment as full-time permanent Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at The University of Queensland, Australia. In addition, I will keep an appointment as Associate Professor (Professor II) at the AcqVA Aurora Center at the Artic University of Norway in Tromso.

27/5/2021: I am giving a workshop on processing and analyzing eye-tracking data at the AcqVA Aurora Center at the Artic University of Norway in Tromso. You can check out the materials here.

22+29/4/2021: I gave a workshp on mixed-effects modeling using R at the AcqVA Aurora Center at the Artic University of Norway in Tromso. You can check out the materials here.

9/12/2020: Check out this post about the LADAL published on the Sydney Corpus Lab blog! The Sydney Corpus Lab is a great resource for Corpus Linguistics run by Monika Bednarek!

6/12/2020: I have just accepted an appointment as Associate Professor/Lab Director at the AcqVA Aurora Center at the Artic University of Norway in Tromso. In addition, I will keep a 20 percent appointment at UQ to continue devoping the LADAL.

25/11/2020: Here are the slides for my talk at the Collaboration between Datascience and Humanities – guidelines workshop at the University of Eastern Finland which summarizes our experiences in establishing LADAL.

24/11/2020: I have uploaded a video talk of the COVID-19 Twitter study to the Australian Linguistics Society meeting 2020 (ALS 2020). The talk presents some of our finding from a collaborative project involving Michael Haugh (UQ), Sam Hames (QUT), and myself. Here are the slides for that talk.

9/10/2020: I will present a short, 5-minute pitch of our COVID-19 Twitter project at the Forum on Englishes in Australia (organized by James Walker of LaTrobe). Here are the slides of that pitch-talk.

27/9/2020: I have uploaded my talk for JAECS2020 (the 46th meeting of the Japan Association for English Corpus Studies; organized by Laurence Anthony et al.) on changes in the amplifier systems of Hong Kong, Indian, and Philippine English. Here are the slides and the video.

25/9/2020: Great news in my inbox: I was invited by Mikko Laitinen from the University of Eastern Finland to give a guest lecture on our experiences in establishing LADAL in the context of an event about developing support infrastructures for computational social sciences and humanities research.

10/9/2020: Sam Hames and I present some preliminary findings of our project on the Australian Twitter-discourse around COVID19 at the Data Science MeetUp. Here are the slides for that talk.

8/9/2020: Peter Crosthwaite’s, Neomy Storch’s, and my paper on the impact of written corrective feedback on corpus-assisted L2 error resolution was just published by Journal of Second Language Writing.

1/9/2020: Woohoo! I am the new Queensland state chair of the Australian Computation and Linguistics Olympiad (OzCLO) – check out this awesome outreach program that aims to capture the interest of Australian pupils for (computational) linguistics! Thanks to Erich Round for making this possible and also many thanks to Elisabeth Mayer and Bec Molina for their support!

3/7/2020: WOW: I am so happy and feel so honored: I was asked to give a keynote at ICAME42 – crossing boundaries through corpora (August 18-21, 2021 | TU Dortmund University).

3/7/2020: My paper on the L2-acquisition of adjective amplification was just published by Australian Review of Applied Linguistics.

19-21/2/2020: I attended the New Perspectives on Irish English conference in Vienna and presented a paper on amplifier use among Irish emigrants in the 18 and 19th century. Here are the slides for that talk.

10-11/12/2019: I attended the re:produce workshop in Brisbane’s Custom’s House – amazing event which brought people interested in Open Science tgether and introduced innovations and currently discussed topics in Open Research.

2-6/12/2019: I offered a hands-on workshop on Advanced statistics for linguists: tree-based and mixed-effects models in R at the 2019 CoEDL summer school at the University of Melbourne.

21/10/2019: I took part in a panel discussion at the Open Data Forum and give a talk about The Replication Crisis and HASS. How Best Practices can Assist in Producing Reliable Research.


I would like to thank Susanne Flach for her help in setting up this website.

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