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Dr Martin Schweinberger

Dr Martin Schweinberger

My name is Martin Schweinberger, I live in Hamburg, Germany, and I am a professional linguist. I studied at the Universität Kassel where I graduated with an MA in English Philology, Philosophy, and Psychology in 2008. I continued working in Linguistics and Semiotics in Kassel but soon moved to Hamburg where I received a PhD in English linguistics.

Socio- and psycholinguitics
Language variation and change
Corpus linguistics (computational and quantitative analyses)
First and second language acquisition
Discourse markers and particles
Adjective intensification

01/03/2018: I started my new position as project leader/principal investigator of the VowelChartProject as an associate member of the Language Technology Group at the Fachbereich Informatik at Universität Hamburg and also revitalized my position as research assistant at Universität Kassel.

16/04/2018: My course on the history of English language in culture started at Universität Kassel.

25-27/04/2018: I have presented a paper on emotive use in Irish English at NPIE 5 (New Perspectives on Irish English) in Potsdam, Germany.

30/05/-03/06/2018: I will present a paper on the historical development of the English amplifier system in American English at ICAME 39 in Tampere, Finland.

17-20/07/2018: I will present a paper on the acquisition of intensifiers at ISLE 5 in London.

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